Topic: A small fix to the Sitemap of Monstra

Sitemap works weird and we know it, so i try to find a solution how to fix it...
I found one by removing all Components show from sitemap front view index file, it stop showing all plugins like users/ some backend plugins which does not even have a front view but still been showed in sitemap =/

so we have to go to plugins/box/sitemap/views/frontend/index.view.php
Delete all of the code in there and past this one instead:

    0) { $children_started = false; $first = true; foreach ($pages_list as $page) { if (trim($page['parent']) === '' && $children_started) { $children_started = false; $sitemap_html .= "
\n"; } elseif(!$first && (trim($page['parent']) !== '' && $children_started || trim($page['parent']) === '')) { $sitemap_html .= "\n"; } if (trim($page['parent']) !== '') $parent = $page['parent'].'/'; else $parent = ''; if (trim($page['parent']) !== '' && !$children_started) { $children_started = true; $sitemap_html .= "
    \n"; } $sitemap_html .= '
  • '.$page['title'].''; $first = false; } if (trim($page['parent']) === '' && $children_started) { $sitemap_html .= "
\n"; } else { $sitemap_html .= "\n"; } } // Display components none! echo $sitemap_html; ?>

or if u dont want to touch any box plugins default codes / style just copy this


and place it in ur theme for example if we have theme name "mytheme" so at the end it will look like this


Because monstra first checking if there is any changed in front view at ur theme location if not then it take it from folder plugins, so even if u update monstra later all of ur change still gonna work no matter what wink

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