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Topic: Insert


I am a new user of Monstra and my first step were very easy.
Thank you for developing a light CMS working well with mobile.
I get problem to insert php code in my page.
I try to use snippets but I don't understand how it work.
I am looking for a tutorial but I don't find it!

Thank you for help.


Re: Insert

Hi Vicent! Welcome aboard wink


Snippets are codes in php or html or xml to use with monstra, if you want to use snippets its very easy, just take a look on your admin panel and do this:

1 - go to snippets in menu and create a new one, place some text code as you wish on it and hit save!
2 - Then you need to go to your list of snippets and click on the drop-down button (were it says edit) and choose view embed code
3 - Copy the code and paste it on the part of the template page you want

That's it, simple to use snippets.

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