Topic: Total info Dashboard v2

Open and edit this file in this location on your Monstra:

Once opened add this code on the file: index.view.php

    $blocks_path = STORAGE . DS  . 'blocks' . DS;
    $blocks_list = File::scan($blocks_path, '.block.html');
    $snippets_path = STORAGE . DS  . 'snippets' . DS;
    $snippets_list = File::scan($snippets_path, '.snippet.php');
    $users = new Table('users');
    $users_list = $users->select(null,'all');

Manage Pages


Create new page

View pages

Manage Blocks


Create new Block

View all blocks

Manage Snippets


Create new snippet

View all snippets

Manage Users


Create new user

View all users

Then choose option save as, ftp or update as you wish, and that's it!

This Snippet was inspired in Nakome version and improved to match all Monstra Versions! (tested)!

Best regards to all and have a nice development! - themes, plugins and snippets for monstra cms

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