Topic: Automatic subdomains when registration

Can I Monstra CMS configured so that a user can automatically create a subdomain, in the future, if necessary, attach a subdomain of your personal domain?
I.e. similar WP network.

The user is registered, fill the subdomain name - gets ready site on a subdomain, select a template, other settings, i.e. it turns out that the network is working on the same database (.xml .txt) and on some files like WordPress network.

Perhaps you know a knowledgeable person who can help me in this matter?
Perhaps there is a ready solution?

Thank you!

Re: Automatic subdomains when registration

line 27

RewriteBase /%siteurlhere%/

change in

RewriteBase /%siteurlhere%/subdomain/

I hope to Coverage smile

PS: I apologize for my bad English