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Topic: html passing of default menu

Hi, firstly thank for the smooth intuitive CMS...the templating, block and snippets is just what I was looking for.  Big plus for having files automatically save to file name, I always edit with external editor so really nice (particularly the .chunk.php extensions where monstra automatically adds them to the back end.  I have used joomla, wordpress, expression engine and although ee is more flexible I plan to use monstra for all my small projects in the future.

ok my thanks and rant over....

I have a simple question: the default template parses the menu like this:


I need it to pass like this:

simply put, to pass with class="current" on the

  • and not the
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    Re: html passing of default menu

    try this -

    #menu ul li + a.current {
    some code

    Re: html passing of default menu

    El'Drako, thanks for the reply...I have never heard of combining selectors in that way with css before but apparently it is valid:

    http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/CR-css3-selec … ombinators

    I fixed the issue by rejigging the css so that I was styling the element with padding and not the

  • , took a bit of fiddling but works fine now.  Not really sure why i didn't think of it before!?  Anyways, thanks for the reply. 
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