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Can I use Redactor in my project, which is published under GPL, MIT, BSD, or other open-source/copyleft license?

Yes, go ahead! You just need to purchase the OEM license. No additional fees will be applied and there are no special terms or conditions, until Redactor is properly "linked" in your software.

However, keep in mind that Redactor is not an open-source product. It is proprietary commercial copyrighted software and we do not allow it's distribution under any open-source licenses. Think about Redactor as if it was a paid proprietary extension for your project.


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From the Imperavi web site in the faq section question number 6 with title

can I use redactor in my project which is published under GPL, MIT, BSD, or other open-source/copy-left license?


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Great job. Very good product.

I developed a plugin for redactor (complete with upload of images, files, gallery to choose from,....). Do you want me to post it or the redactor license could give problems?