Тема: MONSTRA 2.0.0 BETA

I have been working on Monstra CMS 2 and I am happy to introduce Monstra CMS 2 Beta smile

Here is a list of major changes:

  • Idiorm Added! Idiorm - a lightweight nearly-zero-configuration object-relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5.

  • Added Crypt Capthca Plugin

  • Users Plugin: Added ability to close users frontend registration. Updated frontend and backend templates. Using Capthca Plugin instead of Captca Helper for more secure.

  • Admin Password Reset Page: Capthca Plugin added.

  • Backup Plugin: Loading state button added. Shows "Creating..." while site backups create.

  • Pages Plugin: Added new actions: admin_pages_action_add, admin_pages_action_edit, admin_pages_action_clone, admin_pages_action_delete

  • Pages Plugin: Updated date() method - added ability to set date format.

  • Pages Plugin: UI and Logic updates.

  • Users Plugin: Email templates added.

  • Users Table: Added new field - hash

  • Users Plugin: Admin - New User Registration Validation - Fixed

  • Improved Password Reset Logic.

  • Information Plugin: Added new tab "Server" with common server information.

  • Sitemap Plugin: Basic search engine optimization.

  • Improved Menu Plugin. Added ability to manage items categories.

  • Improved Admin Theme - built with best frontend optimization practice. Updated architecture and User Interface. Admin theme more responsive now!

  • Added Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.1.

  • Added Twitter Bootstrap icons.

  • Dir Helper: Fixed size() method.

  • New Default Theme: built with best frontend optimization practice.

  • Options API: Updated get() method. Return empty string if option value doesnt exists.

  • CSS variables: Added - @theme_site_url @theme_admin_url

  • CSS variables: Deleted - @theme_url

  • Themes Plugin: Added ability to create/edit/clone JavaScripts. Added ability to change admin theme in one click.

  • Apply filter 'content' to Blocks.

  • Array Helper: get() method improved. New methods keyExists() isAssoc() set() delete() random() added.

  • Plugin API: Fixed Javascript and Stylesheet class.

  • Plugin API: Added ability to set view file from current theme folder.

  • New options theme_admin_name, theme_site_name, users_frontend_registration added.

  • Install Script Improvments.

  • Monstra Localization Improvments. Added locales array to I18N class.

  • Translates updates.

  • Path updates.

  • And a lot of general engine improvements.

Download: monstra-2.0.0-beta.zip

Report any bugs you find via GitHub or Monstra Forum.

Remember, this is a beta release for beta testing, is not considered stable and should not be used for live web sites.

P.S. Переведу этот топик позже

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