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  • 100 MENUS All the menus you could ever need in one place

  • 100 SEAMLESS PATTERNS Ready to use patterns to style up your designs

  • 100 SEARCHS The coolest search boxes are one click away

  • 20 CV TEMPLATES Fancy up your CV with these inspiring templates

  • 100 CHARACTERS Have fun with these fully editable vector character sets

  • 100 PIXEL PERFECT ICONS An amazing collection of icons ready to be used

  • CREDIT CARD ICONS pixel perfect icons for your next e-commerce project.

  • TRENDY FONTS Pimp your designs with these amazing typographies

  • 100 SHADOWS Flesh out your design with fine crafted shadows

  • 100 USER ICONS It's time to revamp your profiles and web apps to the next level

  • 202 LOGO TEMPLATES Sharp vector logos ready to make branding easy for you

  • 20 BANNERS TEMPLATES Banner template packs with all standard sizes

  • 20 PSD THEMES Awesome themes in PSD ready to boost up your creativity

  • 40 FOLDERS & ENVELOPES TEMPLATES High Quality templates for your prints

  • 40 TOOLBARS Enhance the look of your site with these sleek toolbars

  • 50 BUSINESS CARD Impressive business cards to make your name stand out

  • 50 DIVISORS These beautiful divisors will edge up your designs

  • 50 SHINES Make your colors more alive with the proper shine

  • 50 SOCIAL ICONS Fancy up your connections with custom social icons

  • 60 BADGES Awesome badges ready to be placed anywhere

  • 70 BUTTONS Eye-catching buttons to spice up your websites

  • 750 APPLICATIONS ICONS High-quality icons in several sizes ready to use

  • 80 BOXES Freshen up your designs with these cool boxes

  • 80 SLIDERS Get a beautiful display with these fancy sliders

  • 90 RIBBONS Beautiful ribbons to be placed where you want

  • PIXEL PATTERNS With only a few pixels you can revamp your design

  • 100 BACKGROUNDS Give life to your screen with these amazing backgrounds

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