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Monstrа - fast and small content management system written in PHP!

Monstra Logo/Mascot

"Monstra" conveys the meaning Template CMS - a small but powerful monster!
Expandable by plugins, themes, snippets.

The character "Monstra": The key feature - a fork (fork / socket) on his head)
Fork (fork / socket)  is a symbol of the Plugin API / extensibility

Monstra 1.0.0 beta Screenshots

Monstra (beta) common changes with Template CMS 2:

  • Object-oriented programming paradigm

  • New Powerful Plugin API! Monstra Plugin API consists of classes: Plugin, Frontend, Backend, View, I18n, Action, Filter, Stylesheet, Javascript, Navigation.
    The Plugin architecture is similar to MVC now. We have controllers, views and models
    Better Plugin localization.

  • Shortcodes API. Monstra Shortcode API s a simple regex based parser that allows you to replace simple bbcode-like tags within a HTMLText or HTMLVarchar field when rendered into a content.
    Shortcodes  examples:
        {shortcode parameter=value"}
        {shortcode parameter=value"}Enclosed Content{/shortcode}

  • A lot of new Helpers for Monstra! With helpers you can develop any project of any complexity
    List of helpers:

    • Agent - The user agent class provides a simple way to detect the kind of device that made the request.

    • Alert - The alert agent class provides a simple way to show alerts.

    • Array - The array helper contains methods that can be useful when working with arrays.

    • Cache - The cache helper provides a simple file caching

    • Captcha - The captcha helper provides a simple math captcha.

    • Cookie - The cookie helper provides a cookie:

    • Curl - The curl helper.

    • Date - The date helper.

    • Debug - The Debug helper is a simple class for debugging variables, objects, arrays, etc by outputting information to the display.

    • Directory - The directory helper contains methods that assist in working with directories.

    • Files- The files helper contains methods that assist in working with files.

    • Form - The form helper

    • Html - The html helper

    • Image - The image helper allows you to perform simple image manipulation: rotate,scale,resize,crop,apply filters,converting and saving

    • Inflector - The Inflector helper contains functions/methods that permits you to change words to plural, singular, camel case, etc.

    • Minify - The minify helper. Minify html and css

    • Notification - The notification helper

    • Number - The number Helper contains functions/methods  that help you work with numeric data.

    • Request - The request  helper.

    • Responce - The responce helper.

    • Security - The security helper.

    • Session - The session helper.

    • Text - The text helper contains a collection of text manipulation functions/methods.

    • Uri - The uri helper provides functions that help you retrieve information from your URI strings.

    • Url - The url helper contains functions that assist in working with URLs.

    • Valid - The valid helper provides a simple and consistent way of validating user input.

    • Zip -  Zip helper permit you to create Zip archives.

  • New exception handler and error logging. This will improve the quality of plugins development for Monstra.

  • New role: "Editor". Editor can manage pages and uploads

  • For security purposes,  MONSTRA_EVAL_PHP constat is false

  • Box plugins are no longer displayed in the tab plugins.

  • The system editor and installed MarkItUp! editor

  • Ability to make a backup of folders: storage, plugins, themes, uploads.

  • Automatic generation of sitemap when changes occur (create, edit, clone, delete pages)

  • Cloning of pages, templates, styles, chunks.

  • Page status: Published or Draft

  • More flexible admin theming. Its located in / admin / themes / default /

  • Improved documentation of the project. Each function have a small code example!

  • New Powerful XMLDB API. Monstra XMLDB API use SimpleXML and xPath to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. yes, like Template CMS but more powerful and on steroids) Monstra XMLDB API  consists of classes: XML, Database and Table.
    Monstra consists (xml)Tables! You can even import them to MySQL when your project becomes bigger)

  • New default theme @css based on Bootstrap, from Twitter

  • New coding standards for code formatting and documentation.

  • New project folders/files structure and standarts for naming

  • Upload files to /public/uploads/ now.

  • SandBox plugin alredy packed with Monstra

  • Snippets instead of Blocks

  • Chunks added. Chunk is local "block"

  • Plugins are automatically added to the site map!

  • Add abb to recover your password

  • New plugin: Information. Display general and security information

  • Improved the system installer

  • You can configure Robots META Tag for each pages

  • You can add pages in menu manager plugin

  • A lot of fixes in filesmanager plugin. Lightbox for images added

  • Monstra CMS safer, faster and more stable than Template CMS!

Download Monstra beta (717473581394)

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3 2012-04-23 20:35:22

Re: Monstra Beta - Release!

Hi Awilum and thx for this update, i test it !!
Possible to get a hdiff ?

Sorry for my little english sad

Re: Monstra Beta - Release!

Monstra 1.0.0 - 2012.04.24 - Initial release!


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