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Just a wee teaser.

I am wrapping up my new plugin which will augment the dashboards front page with the below display.
Options to Control who sees it: Admin / Editors and stats for the Last 30 & Last 7 days

I hope to have it finished over the next few days with publishing shortly there after. It has been quite an interesting project, first using the Google Analytics Embed setup then quickly realising I'd have to play with the analytic and oath APIs as my scope was to big for embed.

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thanks im waiting for it

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That seems fucking great, that is a great ideia and it looks nice too, you have it running on 3.0.1 yet? wink
well done mate! - themes, plugins and snippets for monstra cms

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Yes working in Monstra 3.0.1 I'm finishing off and tidying up the code, time is my issue at the moment.
Its taken a fair amount of effort and iterations to get to this point (have a few tweaks planned for later), not to mention figuring out Monstra, so I appreciate you comments smile

In order to use the plugin an Admin with a google account that has access rights to the sites analytics needs to enable the analytics API in their developer's account and setup OAuth credentials. Essentially they then grant Monstra Dashboard access rights to the stats.
The output is cached to keep things fast as there are lots of API calls, this is not real-time stats anyway.

Once installed the plugin auto calls itself via the admin_pre_template function and outputs its data under the quick links on the dashboard frontpage via admin_post_template function so the template needs to be unmodified from Monstra standard or at least have the admin_post_template output call.

I've coded the settings modal with the intent of implementing similar in the Plugin settings feature i've mentioned before.

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