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I have been giving some thought to settings/ options within plugins.

Some plugins have backends that control these options others do not.
Yes settings can be designed to be adjustable via shortcode variables, but I wonder if it would be advantageous to have a setup button in the Plugin Section for plugins wanting this ability i.e buttons: [info] [setup] [unistall]. This could be controlled and offered by the presence of a setup script in the install folder much like the install & uninstall scripts now. Clicking on the button would open a modal that loads and executes the script changing the options as required. This would also help keep the admin console clean as there would be no need for additions just to control settings.
Before I look at adjusting the Monstra core I was wondering what others thought... am I missing something?


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Re: Plugin settings / options


Nope! I agree! My backend does that, but i had to make all from the CORE!

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