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Topic: MonstraHost Web Hosting pre-launch beta (FREE) - asking for feedback


I'm Chris -> @monstrahost

I've been working on making a hosting solution catered to, built for, Monstra.

I think I am getting close to making that happen.

I am asking that anyone who builds sites with Monstra to consider signing up for our 'beta' offering at http://www.monstrahost.com/hosting

We really need feedback about the service. It is very fast, at least here in the U.S. (I've gotten google page speed ratings of 96 with minor modifications to Monstra core!), but 'rough around the edges'.

If you're willing to help, please sign up -click 'Pay' and use

Offer Code:

to get a free account.

Currently, we are only offering a couple accounts.  I would really appreciate feedback and, if possible, help in making awesome hosting for Monstra.

Beta testers will need to

  • have a domain (or subdomain) that can be pointed to our servers

  • create a domain to be hosted in their account

  • install Monstra via ftp or ssh (I'm working on pre-installed Monstra - help welcome ;-)  )

  • be willing to offer feedback to help us improve

I've tried to keep signup very simple. I hope it is not too simple. Feedback about all parts of the process are appreciated.

Please consider this service "Not Production Quality".  Please do not put 'Live", important, sites up during our beta testing. Things will change. Things will break.

However, we plan to reward beta testers by leaving 'free' accounts active after launch.

Also, @awilum , please contact me (@monstrahost). If 'beta' goes well, I would very much like to put a percentage of sales to support of the Monstra project.

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Re: MonstraHost Web Hosting pre-launch beta (FREE) - asking for feedback

This is an excellent idea. smile

Best regards. wink