Topic: Template CMS Password Recovery

Hello, first let me say that i am sorry to post about Template CMS here but since it was the previous version of Monstra i don't know whom to turn to. My trouble with Template CMS is that few years back i made a site but i have long forgotten the passwords to this site and since it can't send recovery e-mails and i need to access it is there something i can do ? I have access  to the ftp of the site and its files but i don't know how to reset the password or remove it ? any help would be appreciated.

Re: Template CMS Password Recovery

If you can make new user try to make new user and next change role in xml storage file to admin.

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Re: Template CMS Password Recovery

Thanks for the response but i was unable to enter administration due to forgetting passwords however i downloaded the latest version of Template CMS installed it on another server and created an admin account after that i took the /data/users/users.xml file and uploaded it to the locked site smile it was a bit of a bother but at-least i managed to enter tongue