Topic: [Upgrade] Filesmanager

Hello everyone, i wanted to add the link section to box plugin filesmanager, to copy the link, cause as u know for uploaded images in filesmanager there is a small problem to get a link to ur image via admin panel, so i add a simple section which show ur link to file \ image, if u want to have link only to image i can help u remove link generator for file and leave it only for image smile

all items:

zoomed item not selected:

double click and ur link will be selected then crtl+c(to copy) and ctrl+v(to past link where u want)

How to make for monstra 2.3.1:
download this

open folder
and replace index.view.php

open folder
and replace 2 items en.lang.php and if u want russian language replace ru.lang.php

**notice** for other language u have to open ur lang file and add this:



(с) Roman Art
So far So good wink

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