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Topic: Up coming webhosting for Monstra/Morfy CMS

Hi everyone smile

I'm working on a web hosting company that will be one of the recommended hosts for Monstra and Morfy CMS smile so you all don't need to find a compatible hosts for these 2 cms,

since my web hosting company will have full support on these 2 cms to make sure all requirements are meet and that cms will have zero issues.

Right now the company is still under progress since i'm currently doing the main site once everything is all done i will put it live and announce when it's up and running smile

in the main time i thought of leeting you all submit some ideas to me so i will update this topic or post a reply soon with a link to my company forum where you all can signup and give feedbacks/suggestions for my company to improve it smile

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Re: Up coming webhosting for Monstra/Morfy CMS

Nice, very nice!


Re: Up coming webhosting for Monstra/Morfy CMS

i'm happy to see you like this idea fr1zzer smile i hope rest of users on here will like it to smile