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If you're new to the Monstra Community introduce yourself here!

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Hai Everyone,

I'm new here, and i'm new about Monstra, and i wanna learn about it. btw i'm from Indonesia.

Thanks for making this good looking CMS and i hope easy to learn too smile


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Hello people;

My name is Roberto Delgado, (rodeldesign)  graphic, logo, interface designer and illustrator....passionate about art, creativity, design, development, technology & open source. I'm writing this because I like the Monstra project, but, for some reason my IP has been blocked. To access the website I have to hide my IP. Any special reason! Why is this happening to me?

Languages: Spanish / English


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I recently joined this community and I am a joiner member of this community. I am a student and reading is my hobby. I love creativity. I like to know about different personalities and love to talk about them. I love to know about their likes, dislikes and hobbies. I hope this community will be good for me for entertainment and to enhance my knowledge.

Happy Eid ul Fitr
Eid ul Fitr

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Happy Eid ul Fitr bro!! big_smile

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Hi, I am mary, I am new here... I have been the part of this lovely place . I have found it very useful and interesting place which would be really helpful to me . Thanks

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Hi, my name is Markus and i am from Bavaria/Germany wink

Here my own site with monstra: