Topic: Monstra 1.1.0 - Release

Monstra 1.1.0 - Release

- Menu plugin: added ability to add plugins(components) to site menu.
- Improve installation script: add ability to change Monstra language.
- Improve installation script: better error checking.
- Improve monstra check version
- Update Users table autoincrement value to 0
- Pages Plugin: return empty meta robots if current component is not pages
- Html Helper: fix arrow() function.
- XMLDB: fix select function.
- Themes Plugin: fix theme navigation item order. set 2
- Time Zones updates
- Fix translates

Update 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 -> 1.1.0

Download: monstra-1.1.0.zip


Re: Monstra 1.1.0 - Release


These fixes are related to the translation for the plugin - contact?
I need to make some changes or not?

Thank you very much!