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Topic: Ace - backend code editor


instead of the default 'markItUp!' editor.
this is my first post, first plugin and first version.
based on the markItUp! code.


info: Ace - The High Performance Code Editor for the Web
note: make sure to uninstall the 'markItUp' editor.
download: ace-plugin.zip (227K)

//edit - version 1.0.1 - moved js to sep. file to reduce html-head
//edit - version 1.0.2 - added ctrl-s to save and exit...

Re: Ace - backend code editor

look pretty nice, can u please add more info where does it works?
blocks? snippets? pages? themes?

would be lovely

(с) Roman Art
So far So good wink

RomanArt's Website

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Re: Ace - backend code editor

ace is a really nice editor, but may not be the right choice for wysiwyg lovers...
i tested this plugin (at present) only in chrome with a default montra 2.1.3 install...

i used the current pre-packaged version (src-min-noconflict).
it's for most textareas in admin area: (mode in brackets)
pages (php), blocks(php), templates(php), chunks(php), styles(css), scripts(js), snippets(php)

you had actually posted a picture of this editor before...
// edit:
sorry, it's maybe a sublime text editor screenshot?, anywar, you may try the monokai or twilight theme wink