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Topic: New Slovak translation

Hi, first of all the Monstra is the briliant system! Next my question > I wanted to create new Slovak translation, founded this topic http://forum.monstra.org/topic/129/add-new-language/ , but when I created translation file for each plugin (copy en.lang.php to sk.lang.php , and make few changes for all sk.lang.php files) and set Slovak lang in dropdown in admin as default, Monstra is still down. Browser show only 500 Internal error, in apache error.log is not anything, that could help me how repair it.
Please its any way how solved this problem?
When delete sk.lang.php from plugins, but not detele sk.lang.php from system plugin, Monstra works but translation is only for system plugin.

Thanks for suggestions. smile


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Re: New Slovak translation

go to /www/monstra/bootstrap.php

open and change

    Core::$environment = Core::PRODUCTION;

for this code:

    Core::$environment = Core::DEVELOPMENT;

and than add all of ur translations and try again, it will show what error is ...

btw i guess u got some syntax errors in translation files such as ","

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Re: New Slovak translation

Thanks for very quickly reply. I will try your suggestion...  Also I checked all files for any syntax mistakes by ","

Now I am trying step by step adding new translation for each plugin, I think that this is a way how know where is problem.

When I have finished, I will reply result...

Re: New Slovak translation

Hi again, I translated step by step all en.lang.php files, and everything is working OK. wink Maybe there was any syntax error, that I didnt saw it.

Re: New Slovak translation

You can just might have a language files somthing like sk.lang.php  big_smile

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Re: New Slovak translation

For Slovakia must be


Re: New Slovak translation

I started translating to slovak, and today I found, neri did that already. Thanks.
Could you upload your translation please?

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Re: New Slovak translation

Hi sammik2 or Ahoj. Sorry for delayed response.... I uploaded translation here: https://www.wuala.com/pbubeliny/documen … UieaODOCE9
It would be very well if could be possible add slovak translation into official version -> Its question for Awilum: Please is there any way how add SK translation to Monstra in github? Thank you smile

Re: New Slovak translation

neri, thanks for your contribution. I have added your sk translation: https://github.com/Monstra/monstra-cms/ … 58aa64249a

You can edit files on github and send pull-requests.
http://forum.monstra.org/topic/158/cont … ia-github/

Re: New Slovak translation

Thank you so much smile
I am new at github -> https://github.com/neri7dev , and I would like contribute to Monstra too (build any plugins), Monstra is awesome CMS wink

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Re: New Slovak translation

Neri thanks, your translate is much better than mine.
Neri vďaka. Len malá pripomienka, template by nemal byť skôr šablóna a nie téma?

Re: New Slovak translation

Hi guys,

thanks for slovak translations.. I think monstra is the best cms I ever used without database.

zdravim pani

chcem sa len podakovat za slovensky preklad.. myslim, ze monstra je najlepsie cms ake som kedy pouzival bez pripojenia databaze.


{i love monstra!}