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Topic: List of products with categories [how to]

I have a new task, and I once again decided to use Monstra for this.
I have to create a website with products, so it should have category -> subcategory - > items with ability to add images or at least one image with thumb view and full view using some lightbox -> and description.

It's not cart system, it's just like catalog of products without ability to add to cart or buy.

Is anything out there for Monstra that will let me to create such thing that will work with the latest 3.0.3 version of CMS?
And I don't want to use any commercial solution.

PS. I was thinking of adding second blog plugin, but changing it into catalog, but is this long and hard way?

Re: List of products with categories [how to]

ok, doesn't matter. I figure out workaround solution for this.