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Topic: Slider (/Carousel) Plugin

Hi all,
I've written a little plugin that works fairly similarly to the Menu plugin (a bit of copy/pasting occurred ;) ). That is, from the "Content > Slider" menu you can add different categories of Sliders.
The plugin has 3 text fields, one image field and a hyperlink field.

https://github.com/cmroanirgo/monstra-s … master.zip
(monstra version at this release is 3.0.2, not sure of exact compatibility)

Once installed (like an ordinary plugin) it should appear be available as "Content > Slider". You can edit all parts of the generated html by editing "Extends > Snippets > Slider".

Once installed, more details are available via:

In a nutshell:

<?php echo Slider::get(); ?>
<?php echo Slider::get("some_category"); ?>
{slider name="some_category"}


  • To be able to select images, you'll need to upload them first in the file manager!

  • You have complete control over how the slider looks. The plugin installs a snippet called 'slider' that includes all the generated code (including js & css) that you can pull apart and change according to your heart's desires.

  • MIT licensed.




I don't plan to be regularly updating this plugin, nor provide any support. It's supplied 'as is'.

Re: Slider (/Carousel) Plugin

Looks great.