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Hello guys First time here. After installing 30+ CMS's for testing I have settled on your Engine/CMS and as i'm happy to announce as a freelance Web developer I shall be creating 20 Free themes just for Monstra and it's users. Some will be light weight, some will be Parallax and some will be very heavy.

If you would like to give me some topics that you would LOVE to see me cover please reply to this thread. I encourage you to post some images or Sketches of a design you may even like and i will do my very best to design it for you.

All my themes will be GPL3. Free to use, Edit and Redistribute for both Commercial and other uses.
All my Images/Icons will be Royalty free
All my Images and Icons will be Responsive.
All my Templates will be Responsive
All my Themes will Pass Validation.
All my Themes will be html5/CSS3 and Modern Browser Compliant
All my Themes will be hand designed using
All my Themes will have branding. This can be removed for $5 AUD

There will be a Catch However. The themes will have a Google tracking Script installed in Index.php that will allow me to see which of my themes are the most popular and allow me to continue with following design trends.
There will also be a small link at the bottom of each page stating my firms website for others to find my work.
It will in no way be used for any other purpose except for that stated above.
If you disagree you may have to find another theme or pay a fee to remove the tracking/branding.

I encourage other Themes to give advice of things to avoid  or problems they have faced while building themes for this Engine smile Community spirit  tongue

*I mean no Disrespect t anyone*

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With GPLv3 someone can fork your code and legally re-publish that on github, removing the tracking part.  That would be completely legal for anyone to do, unless you have dual-licensed your code, with index.php under another license which prohibits modification.  The GPLv3 does not govern or protect distribution & usage constraints such as the tracking script as you have mentioned. GPLv3 permits a licensee to re-use and re-distribute the code, provided that the licensee (1) distributes the license with any usage of the code (2) licensee publishes the modifications to the source code along with the license as indicated.

No offense, just hope you understand.  smile

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Thanks for the heads up This was a clear miss-understanding on my part. I'll revise and Republish.