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Hey guys,

I don't know if this has been done already but i created a plugin for adding google maps as a shortcode to your pages

{googlemap latlng="-28.4792625,24.6727135" markers="Point1,-28.7197555,24.7763009"}

{googlemap height="480" latlng="-28.4792625,24.6727135" markers="point1,-28.7197555,24.6763009|point2,-28.4228392,24.6570326"}

{googlemap height="480" latlng="-28.4792625,24.6727135" polylines="-29.60465,30.33349/-29.61269,30.34017|-29.61269,30.34017/-29.60604,30.36988"}

 {googlemap height="480" latlng="-28.4792625,24.6727135" markers="Backup Site,-29.60465,30.33349|main Site,-29.61269,30.34017" polylines="-29.60465,30.33349/-29.61269,30.34017|-29.61269,30.34017/-29.60604,30.36988"}

As this is my first plugin i used the Charts plugin from Awilum so that i could understand how it works.
I hope this can be used.

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I like this plugin, but is there a zoom level we can apply?

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Hi Davidg1982

You know I had to really go back to what I was doing with this plugin and remember if it had Zoom and yes I did write it in


{googlemap zoom="8" latlng="-28.4792625,24.6727135" markers="Point1,-28.7197555,24.7763009"}

Just confirm for me i don't know what the maximum you can go up too.

I need to make some changes to it as i have found some bugs when having multiple maps on a page.

but will update when I have fixed them.