Topic: Cms for music portal

Hi guys, im tired looking for a simple mysql cms with plugins i can add to create a music portal which can have functions i listed below:
add\edite\remove\upload song
add\edite\remove\upload mixes
add\edite\remove\upload albums
have ablities to use "php, shortcode" to put on main page and show last \ top \ featured (songs, mixes, albums)
good antilich, where i can setup a time for generated download like to be long
and etc, not much stuff
all files will be on own server

any ideas?

i would love to do it on monstra cms, cause i know almost everything about it, but the problem is, its file based cms smile which means after 2000+ users dayly my server will go down so easy

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So far So good wink

Re: Cms for music portal

How about OctoberCMS (Laravel4)?

Re: Cms for music portal

MySQL in Monstra may you use

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