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Check latest version of CKEditor, adapted for the monstra 3.* — http://forum.monstra.org/topic/623/cked … onstra-30/


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CKEditor 1.1
+Added function of inserting images in the editor


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WYSIWYG HTML editor http://ckeditor.com/
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0phw6khoak23h … 1.zip?dl=0

1. Uninstall MarkItUp!
2. Install CKEditor

Special thanks to nakome



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nakome wrote:

This working for me.

Thanks a lot!


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nakome wrote:

You can use  Markitup plugin to make new plugin, it's  very ease to make ,and you also learning how to work with the plugins.

This is a demo with cdn.

Demo cdn in jsbin

When I started to make plugins Monstra, I did not know Php.

I wrote the code:


 *    CKEditor plugin
 *    @package Monstra
 *  @subpackage Plugins
 *    @author Pesterev Ilya / ZenLabs
 *    @copyright 2014 Pesterev Ilya / ZenLabs
 *    @version 1.0.0

// Register plugin
Plugin::register( __FILE__,
                __('CKEditor!', 'CKEditor'),
                __('CKEditor! — open source WYSIWYG editor', 'CKEditor'),

// Add hooks
Action::add('admin_header', 'CKEditor::headers');

 * CKEditor Class
class CKEditor
     * Set editor headers
    public static function headers()
        echo ('
            <!-- CKEditor 4.4.4 -->
            <script type="text/javascript" src="'.Option::get('siteurl').'/plugins/ckeditor/ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>

        echo ('<script>CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor_area' );</script>');


in the folder \plugins\ckeditor\ckeditor\ I copied files of CKEditor, but when I install the plugin, I have displayed blank screen


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Good day! Can someone write a plugin and implement the latest version of CKEditor?


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thx a lot!! please tell how you did it?


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other pages work fine, sent login/pass in pm


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RomanArt, I can give access to the admin panel that you watched?


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I put http://domain.com in Menu, but nothing has changed


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How to make link "Home page" in top navigation current and active.
I have page with slug "home", in Settings I selected page with slug "home"
In file .htaccess I wrote:     Redirect 301 /home http://domain.com/
Now if I turn the page domain.com/home site redirect to domain.com. But link "Home Page" in top Navigation not become active.
Please help solve the problem.


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Hello! Tell me please how to disable captcha in contact form?