what version of monstra u have?

really well done wink


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dropdown menu wink


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Fansoro is morfy, it has no backend, its more for developer rather then users or client

They are indexed cause google cant read robot.txt which prevent google indexing those places, u have to download monstra 3.0.3 again and take .htsacces file and replace with yours if u got monstra 3.0.3


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something like this?

but Avatar is only for 1 user, to get what u wanted it has to be a totally different User plugin system, monstra does not have it

pre content could be used by something what can be called before the Content
post content could be use by something what can be called after the Content

it could be like a plugin for example.
If plugin uses actions and add something before Content or after Content or could be both, maybe run a script or add a plant text wink


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Theme updated to version 2.0.0.
Whats new? whats changed?

- We have created an Unlimited drop down menu plugin v1.0.1
- Updated revolution slider from 4.0 to 5.0
- Added new functions for backend to control slider revolution
- Bug fixes

DropDown menu list:

DropDown menu edit:




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Blocks/snippets has shortcodes which u can connect anywhere u want, u can make block with content "hello its me" and then get shortcode for block then for example go to pages - home page add shortcode in there and u will see that it showes on homepage "hello its me".

As an advance example u can create a side bar via block or snippet and then embet it via php short code in the index.template.php one located at ur theme folder on ur server wink

Sitemap works weird and we know it, so i try to find a solution how to fix it...
I found one by removing all Components show from sitemap front view index file, it stop showing all plugins like users/ some backend plugins which does not even have a front view but still been showed in sitemap =/

so we have to go to plugins/box/sitemap/views/frontend/index.view.php
Delete all of the code in there and past this one instead:


    $sitemap_html = '';
    // Display pages
    if (count($pages_list) > 0) {
        $children_started = false;
        $first = true;
        foreach ($pages_list as $page) {
            if (trim($page['parent']) === '' && $children_started) { 
                $children_started = false;
                $sitemap_html .= "</li></ul></li>\n";
            } elseif(!$first && (trim($page['parent']) !== '' && $children_started || trim($page['parent']) === '')) {
                $sitemap_html .= "</li>\n";
            if (trim($page['parent']) !== '') $parent = $page['parent'].'/'; else $parent = '';
            if (trim($page['parent']) !== '' && !$children_started) { 
                $children_started = true;
                $sitemap_html .= "<ul>\n"; 
            $sitemap_html .= '<li><a href="'.Option::get('siteurl').'/'.$parent.$page['slug'].'">'.$page['title'].'</a>';
            $first = false;
        if (trim($page['parent']) === '' && $children_started) { 
            $sitemap_html .= "</li></ul></li>\n"; 
        } else {
            $sitemap_html .= "</li>\n";
    // Display components none!
    echo $sitemap_html;

or if u dont want to touch any box plugins default codes / style just copy this


and place it in ur theme for example if we have theme name "mytheme" so at the end it will look like this


Because monstra first checking if there is any changed in front view at ur theme location if not then it take it from folder plugins, so even if u update monstra later all of ur change still gonna work no matter what wink

nope i never even saw anyone talk about it smile
usually just use a different plugin like news can just rename it u can see an example here : http://002.demo-mp.monstrapro.com/blog

really nice thanks smile


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ya i can see that not sure why T_T

all database file ar stored in a folder "storage" u can find blog or any other there simply copy them


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U mean the collum with tags?


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For sure cause it have not been updared since 2.3.0 big_smile ill take a look later


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check the themes forum carefully u will find smile

I pmed u about ur question, and btw its easier for me here cause i know russian, and there are many people on russian forum smile more that on this english forum

Im not the only one lol, there is people helping all the time, and ya i like this cms, and it will never die till im here hahahaah

ohh i see, im not that great at this things actually, i think we have to change source code of users to get what u want, not sure how to do it ill look at it maybe figure something out, but i think someone with php skill can do it really 20 times faster that me haha


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is ur monstra on subdomain ?

use this instead:

<?php Users::getLogin(); ?>


i think this is the best for ur case, there is no Register button there is only Login form and password recovery

but if u use this there is could be an error after u login =/ im not sure how to deal with this stuff, i get error on development mode only so i think it would be okay

http://www.htaccesstools.com/articles/p … rotection/
Read about this here or just google htaccess password protect directory tongue

ill make a better tutorial after a new realise of monstra, i hope after realise that will include multilanguage cause this tutorial is for 2.4.0 not for 3.0.0

okay sorry guys for delay, i updated the link u can download and view the demo smile