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Topic: Monstra TM 002 (New Year)

New year theme for our Monstra engine !




1) Compatibility = Crossbrowser
2) Look good in any phones / devices
3) Easy to use and customize
4) All textes cuted nicely and puted in blocks(text) \ snipets( html code, links )
5) Tweeter stream, Testimonials rotator, 2 Text widgets - all in footer

.Blocks .Snippets .css .php .png .jpg .PSD


p/s if u got any problem we will find out how to fix it, all support here in this post.

psd will upload tomorrow, sory iam busy a bit

Thanks everyone, enjoy smile

(с) Roman Art
So far So good wink

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Re: Monstra TM 002 (New Year)


All .psd files there:

- buttons
- part of design
- logo
- logo for forum
- Mockups

( added all Fonts from design elements )

.PSD .ttf


(с) Roman Art
So far So good wink