Topic: bulk user account via CSV?

Hi everyone!

I am evaluating Monstra as our next LMS (Great Soft BTW!).

Basically I plan to use the CMS to create a menu wich connect to multiple pages with captivate module within iFrame.
This part is already figured out.

But our department need the admins only to be able to register users. So to be clear,  users need to be pre-approved
and given password which we have in a list (csv).

For example our user.csv contain the 3 following lines :

Steve Paradis,,qwe123
Mary Lucas,,rty456
Paul Ianovitch,,utp890

So, my questions are...

1. could a plugin be made for that? is there something in the work that could do this eventually?
2. we have 2500 members, would it be too heavy for the FlatFile structure of Monstra?


Re: bulk user account via CSV?

Hi @steveparadisdesign

1. Yes defiantly, there is nothing like this in the works to my knowledge.
    You'd need to parse the csv list and loop it with A db create function.
    That's quite a lot, breaking down into smaller lists for processing would probably be a good idea

2. I don't know if this would be taxing, however db are essentially just files.. maybe @Awilum could advise.