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Hi Guys

I wrote a simply mailto link protector. you can use it if you like.

Github repo:

Download URL: … /releases/


Shordcode for content

{mailtoguard email=""}

or if you want to include a CC email address

{mailtoguard email="" cc=""}

Code for templates

<?php mailtoguard::display(''); ?>

or if you want to include a CC email address

<?php mailtoguard::display('',''); ?>

Re: Mailto guard

could u please provide more information of what this plugin doing, thanks.
i mean wht and how it exactly protecting and especially wht for smile

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So far So good wink

Re: Mailto guard

In the last few years we have seen the rise of 'email harvesters' and 'spambots' - robots or spiders that are programmed specifically to harvest email addresses from your website for the purpose of sending spam email.

For webmasters, this means that you can no longer have an email address appear on your website (even just in the HTML code) without exposing yourself to spammers. Even a single page with your email address is enough to trigger an avalanche of spam - and there's no way to put the genie back in the bottle without changing your email address.
this plugin allows you to hide you email address from these harvesters and protect your email address from spam.

it would be used in place of any

<a href=""></a>