Topic: Tutoria: How to write markdown

How to write markdown
Writing markdown is the simplest thing you can imagine:

Bold and italic text
To create italic text you just need to surround the text by one star:
This is *italic text.*
Which will produce:
This is italic text.
And to create bold text you insert two stars:

And this is **bold text.**

Which will produce:
And this is bold text.
To create headings in markdown all you need to is add a hash sign before your content. One hash sign is the equivalent of an <h1>, two means an <h2> and so on until <h6>:

# this is an heading 1
## this is an heading 2
### this is an heading 3
#### this is an heading 4
##### this is an heading 5
###### this is an heading 6

Writing paragraphs is as simple as writing your text, and if you want to add another another paragraph you just need to press enter and in the next line a new paragraph will be added:
One paragraph

And here is another paragraph
Is the equivalent of:

<p>One paragraph</p>
<p>And here is another paragraph</p>

To create blockquotes you need to add a angled bracket (>) before the text you want, like so:

> Somebody said this quote some years ago

Which is the same as:

  <p>Somebody said this quote some years ago</p>

Creating links is very simlar to HTML, you first place the text you want the user to see inside square brackets and then place the link location inside a pair of parentheses:


Which is the equivalent of:

<a href=””>test</a>

Images use the same basic syntax as links, but in images the text you place in square brackets will be the alt text and you also need to place an exclamation mark before everything to make markdown know that what you are writing is an image and not a link:

![My image](

Is the same as:

<img src=”” alt=”My image” />

Unordered Lists
To create a simple unordered list you only need to create the list items, you don’t need to worry about opening and closing the list. All you need to do is to add a line break, then add an asterisk before each item:

* One list item
* Another list item
* And a third one

Is the equivalent of:

<li>One list item</li>
<li>Another list item</li>
<li>And a third one</li>

Ordered Lists
Like the unordered lists you only need to concern yourself with the actual list items, there’s no opening or closing. To use an ordered list you just need to use numbers instead of asterisks:

1 One list item
2 Another list item
3 And a third one

Is the equivalent of:

<li>One list item</li>
<li>Another list item</li>
<li>And a third one</li>

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