Topic: Monstra's future

Have been looking at Monstra since it was Template-CMS and tested it on Xampp, but haven't used it for a website yet. LightNEasy, PluckCMS, gpEasy and GetSimple kept distracting me. I finally settled for doing my websites in gpEasy and GetSimple and even changed my earlier Pluck and LightNEasy websites to GetSimple. The primary reason for the shift was that these CMSs were updated timely, had active forums.

Template-CMS changed to Monstra in version 2.1.0 and the current Monstra version after over an year is just 2.2.1 which brings me to my question - When is the next update to Monstra coming and what are your plans for its future?

For any web designer/developer it is important to know that the CMS he/she chooses has an active community and has a bright future so that one is assured of available support.

I do think Monstra is a strong and capable CMS and would like to use it, but there needs to be more activity happening in the software and the forum, for more users to pick it up.

Just my two bits.